Online Gambling for Americans

Posted by admin on February 18th, 2010 — Posted in Gambling

Tipping the DealerIt has been known for some time that the main reason that gambling is illegal for Americans, in the Land of the Free, is because of money laundering. This seems out of place since this laundering can actually be done through any industry, not just online, so now it seems more like discrimination.
No one has ever stopped money laundering after all these years, so what makes the U.S. lawmakers think they can be successful now. Then you wonder why us Americans need to lose our right to gamble online when the government seems unable to do the job it is there for. Their real reason, only they know, but I bet their reason couldn’t stand up in court.
The Moral reson doesn’t hold water either since it is your choice whether or not you will gamble and your moral choices are for you and not to be forced onto others. So then those will moral issues just go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to name just a few places in all of United States.

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